Welcome to LiSpeak

Welcome to LiSpeak, a simple voice command system for Ubuntu and other linux distros. LiSpeak has been designed for the everyday user, LiSpeak runs only as an app indicator only displaying information when you want it. The commands to run LiSpeak are easy to learn so people not familiar with the terminal can get LiSpeak running in minutes. LiSpeak uses a plugin repository and you can even create your own personal commands so you can customize everything to your liking. LiSpeak is free to use and open source software.

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About LiSpeak

Language Support

With easy to setup language files and Google Translate built in, almost any language can easily be supported.

Python API

Plugins developed in Python (more languages coming soon) can hook into a powerful api allowing lots of control over LiSpeak.


Services are plugins that don't necessarily add commands. They run in the background to provide extra functionallity. The HTTP Server used by the Android app is a service.

Online Repository

With one command download and install one of the many plugins in the plugin repository.

Open Source

All development is done with GitHub so you can view the source code and even contribute to it.

Audio Response

LiSpeak can read you back the output after a command.

Easily Customizable

LiSpeak can easily be customized in many ways to your liking.


Small download and small resource usage makes it run well on older hardware.